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THE WORD IS OUT ... That moment we all knew was coming was FINALLY announced last week (July 9, 2021), with the makers of The Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep developing the Something is Killing the Children series for Netflix. BOOM Studios president Ross Ritchie, Writer James Tynion IV, and artist Werther Dell'Edera are all co-executive producers on the project. The creators' involvement for one of the hottest comics horror stories recently released should comfort the fans that the series will be handled correctly. So much has been written regarding the current SIKTC run, and the book's values in the first story arc have skyrocketed. So if you missed out on that first run, then have no fear and read on because I'm here like the classic Who song, so you Won't Get Fooled Again.

FREE Comic Book Day - Enter the House of Slaughter

In addition to the Netflix series announcement James Tynion IV recently revealed that the Something is Killing the Children universe is about to EXPAND. This October, BOOM Studios will be launching the first spin-off titled The House of Slaughter. Before the release in October, you have an opportunity to get a "First Glance" (and big spec) on Free Comic Book Day Saturday, August 14, 2021, with the book Enter the House of Slaughter. This FREE book is destined to be heavily sought after as the precursor to the new series in October. This story takes the conversations Erica was having on the phone with Aaron in the first story arc and shows you what was happening on the other side. Putting on the speculation hat for this issue, you can only imagine that they will be hinting at the story to be told in the House of Slaughter, and that can also lead to possible cameos and first appearances.

Something is Killing the Children Issue #4, #6, #10

There are three key books for Aaron Slaughter in the first arc of Something is Killing the Children. Aaron Slaughter's cameo is in SIKTC #4 with his 1st full appearance in SIKTC #6 (This issue is also the 1st full appearance of Cecilia Slaughter). The final key book for Aaron Slaughter is his death in SIKTC #10.

The House of Slaughter creative team of writer Tate Bromal and artist Chris Shehan join James, Werther, and Miquel to build the first arc around Erica's handler and brother-figure Aaron Slaughter. But wait, you ask, Aaron died in the first arc of SIKTC, so what are they going to tell? Aaron died with secrets that he never got to tell Erica, and those secrets may come to haunt Erica. James Tynion IV explained that there would be two key story threads in the first arc of HOS. The first is the story that details Aaron's last case before sending Erica to Archer's Peak, as well as the second thread that takes place during Aaron's teenage years. This story also picks up after the SIKTC events of issues #16-20 and introduces another "House" in the Order of St. George.

House of Slaughter #1 - Chris Shehan
House of Slaughter #1 - Jenny Frison

If you missed the boat on the first arc of Something is Killing the Children, I highly recommend you take advantage of the FREE Comic Book Day issue Enter the House of Slaughter and Pre-Order these FANTASTIC covers for House of Slaughter in October.

House of Slaughter #1 - Werther Dell'Edera
House of Slaughter #1 - Alvaro Martinez Bueno (Nice House on the Lake Homage)
House of Slaughter #1 - Mike Del Mundo


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