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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has very predictable and consistent impacts on comic book prices. If what we’ve seen happen time and time again holds true, we have another fantastic opportunity with Ms. Marvel comics.

Ms. Marvel is a new series featuring Kamala Khan. She’s the first Pakistani Muslim American superhero to headline her comic book series, which is what makes this upcoming live-action series so groundbreaking. She’s also been confirmed to appear in the new Captain Marvel 2 — and she’s inhuman! So, that opens a whole world of possibilities for other inhuman specs that I hope to revive and do justice. The head writer/executive producer stated in the teaser trailer that Ms. Marvel’s family is “A new family that is also going to be a part of the wider MCU.”

There isn’t a scheduled premiere date, but they have begun filming. If there are no delays, the current estimate is late 2021. This makes it the perfect time to pick up some keys because we know the show is coming, and we know we haven’t seen the peak in excitement for this show. There was a teaser trailer around Disney investor day, but no official trailer. You’ll probably hear me mention this investment strategy a lot: buy when the show is announced and sell when the official trailer is released.

Ms. Marvel Avenger's Game by Square Enix
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That’s if you want to make a quick flip and move on to the next spec. If this is a character you love and enjoy in your P.C., it’s a whole different set of guidelines. One thing we see with these new releases from Marvel on Disney +, and one of the things that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe so unique and sets a new bar for the entertainment industry, is the interconnectedness of the shows and movies — everything ties together to create a whole cinematic universe, and it all works well. So these shows aren’t one and done’s for these characters. You can be sure that if a character like Kamala Khan is getting her series, she will be showing up in the MCU for years to come. So buying when the show is announced and selling when the trailer is released isn’t the right approach for everyone. It’s just what I like to use on characters that won’t be in my P.C. so I can focus on those keys that I do want in my p.c.

Another point worth mentioning is Marvel is setting the stage for new superhero teams to be formed with the introduction of these characters. I think Kamala Khan is one of these that will show up in a new show of movie as part of a new team, and we’ll get back to that with some of the spec picks.

My Prediction of Keys That Will See Significant Spikes as This Show Draws Nearer and Is Released:

Ms. Marvel #1 (Vol. 3)Ms. Marvel #1. This is the first solo series for Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, and it’s also the first appearance of Zoe Zimmer. Zoe Zimmer has been confirmed for the show, and she is kind of like a frenemy to Kamala in the comics. There are many different variants for this issue: incentives, subsequent prints, and 1st print through to a 7th print. All the subsequent prints are very similar in price, but the 2nd and 7th prints are the most desirable.

My strategy has been to buy raw nm copies in the $100-$150 range, looking for 9.8 candidates and getting them graded because they are already going for around $500 in a CGC 9.8. So that’s a great ROI if you can get a 9.8 candidate, and when the trailer is dropped, it will be worth even more than $500. It’s less of an ROI if you bought a 9.8 right now for $500, and personally, I’m not going that route, I’d rather 4-5 raw copies. Make sure you ask for lots of pictures and ask eBay seller point blank if there are any obvious defects. People hide things so well with deceptive pictures. But also, people list things as VF/NM all the time that are 9.8 candidates with a quick press. I picked up at least 5 Mighty avengers 1 1:200 that were listed as V.F./Nm 9.0 and all of them are looking like 9.8’s. So, you really have to get used to the whole hustle and game — know what to look for.

Ms. Marvel #13 (Vol. 3)Ms. Marvel 13, Vol 3 from 2015, this is the first appearance of Kamran, an Inhuman who has actually been confirmed and cast for the show. You can find this for around 20-25 raw, and slabbed prices are all over the place. This one would probably be good to hold until the character actually appears in the show, might not be out the gate. We saw that with Falcon and Winter Soldier and with Wandavision, each individual episode often has a big impact on prices, so not all the keys follow the trailer trend.

Ms. Marvel #12 (Vol 4)Ms. Marvel 12, Vol 4 2015 this is the first appearance 1st appearance of Red Dagger, an unpowered Pakistani vigilante. Key collector has this as unconfirmed, but there are a ton of articles on the web about Aramis Knight playing the role. Aramis has been in multiple MCU projects, including Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s a cover a, 1:10, and a 2 1:25’s. Cover you can find around 25-30, and there have been recent sales of 200 for a cgc 9.8, so again, this is my strategy, buy raw copies and get them graded. The ratios are a lot harder to find in high-grade raw, and prices are all over the map.

Champions #1 (Vol. 2)Champions 1 2016 series, make sure you get the 2016 series because there are many different champion-related series and a ton of variant covers for this to make sure you get the right one. This book has so much potential. 1st team appearance and origin of the Champions: Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Nova, Hulk, Viv Vision, Cyclops. Cover A is my recommendation; it has all the characters on the cover there, is the most easily recognizable, and has some healthy sales numbers recently. You can pick up a raw copy for around $20 on eBay, and there just aren’t that many CGC copies available at the moment with only 59 covers A’s on the census because up until this point, nobody was getting this book graded. Only recently did it start selling for more than cover price because of the now incredible spec potential with Ms. Marvel confirmed to have a future in the MCU and such heavy speculation on Miles Morales and Sam Alexander as Nova, and that’s only half of this superhero team!

So, those are my four picks for Ms. Marvel keys. I wanted to keep them affordable! The big boy keys for Ms. Marvel, like her first appearance and first cameo will increase as well, but I think fewer people can get behind those books. Also, her first appearance is already at such a crazy high price; I would be uncomfortable buying it for a flip. But again, if this character resonates with you and you want it for your p.c., now would be the time to get in because after this show is released, Kamala has a bright future in the MCU, and it might not come back down.


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    Great advice! Personally I love the art, new and innovative projects, and there is a lot lately! I like to own a cool comic but I also like to own a cool comic that goes up in value and I can buy a couple of them trade for something cool down the line, or save for my daughter who is really into one wandavision🙂 when I ask for advice I usually get just get what you like, so thank you so much!

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