FCBD 2022 - Add to Any Order - Equilibrium

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  • You must add FCBD items to anything with a price other that $0.00
  • FCBD titles start shipping 5/7/2022.  Any in stock items will be held until that date.  Orders ship when all items are in stock.
  • You may add one of each FCBD title (or item) to each order.  
  • You may place separate orders, however you can't combine orders after they've been placed.
  • Only about 10 items will be available at a time, as they sell out new items will be listed, so you may want to check back periodically.
One world under Claw! The world has survived threats from space and the advent of heroes but nothing like this! After the Claw successfully manipulated some of the most influential people to unwittingly shape earth in the Claw's vision, who will be left to oppose evil and save the future of humankind?
Exclusive Original Material
Rating: All Ages