FCBD 2022 - Add to Any Order - Three Stooges Celebration #1

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(W) S.A. Check, Jordan Gershowitz, James Kuhoric (A) Jorge Pacheco, Diego Tapie, Various (A/CA) Adrian Ropp
The Three Stooges have been entertaining families for almost a hundred years!  Their timeless brand of silly slapstick comedy transcends the ages and appeals to kids from 5 to 100!  This special Free Comic Book Day celebration introduces the wacky world of The Stooges to comic book readers new and old.  Take a trip (literally) through the many incarnations of The Three Stooges - Larry, Curly, Shemp, Curly Joe, and even some cartoon capers from those clunky champions, the Robonic Stooges! These wonderful stories will make you laugh out loud and share the love of laughter with family and friends.  Let Free Comic Book Day introduce you to the funniest comics of 2022 right here!
Reprint Material
Rating: All Ages