Grail Box of Mystery! Over $25,000 in prizes & Chance at Rarest Marvel Variant Ever!

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Limited to 259 boxes


1. Hulk 181 CGC 8.5 - 1st Wolverine - Valued at $7000

2. Giant Size X-Men 1 CGC 9.4 - 1st appearance of the new X-Men - Valued at $6900

3. Edge of Spider-Verse 1 CGC 9.8  - Bry's Comics Virgin Edition Limited to 1 copy! Rarest Marvel Variant ever with 8x10 metal COA and acrylic stand

4. Hulk 180 CGC 9.2 - 1st cameo Wolverine - Valued at $2500

5. Avengers 1 CGC 2.5 - 1st team app. & origin of the Avengers - Valued at $2000

6. Fantastic Four 49 CGC 7.0 - 1st Galactus - Valued at $1950

7. Ultimate Fallout 4 CGC 9.8 1st print - 1st Miles Morales - Valued at $1750

8. Werewolf by Night #32 CGC 7.5 - 1st Moon Knight - Valued at $1400

9. Edge of Spider-Verse 2 CGC 9.8 SS - 1st Spider-Gwen - Valued at $1250

10. Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 3.0 - 1st Ghost Rider -Valued at $900

11. Each box has a 50/50 chance of receiving an extra slab valued at between $40-$100 (129 extra slabs in total, every other box gets one).

Non Winning Boxes receive:

  • Edge of Spider-Verse #1 CGC 9.8 Bry's Comics Edition - Limited to 250 copies, individually numbered on the label by CGC. Also includes individually numbered COA that will match the label.

How it works:

This offering is limited to only 250 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED CGC 9.8 (or better) Trade Dress copies copies and 1 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED CGC 9.8 (or better) Virgin copy, the rarest marvel exclusive offering ever!

No additional copies of this book will be available for purchase from Bry's Comics or any affiliates.

CGC will take possession of and corroborate our entire number of copies ordered, and permanently dispose of any and all copies above and beyond the 250 Trade Dress and 1 Virgin.

Please note it is customary for the publisher at their sole discretion to award a limited number of complimentary non graded copies to the creative team. If they do this, these copies are outside the scope of this offering and may be offered for sale by those individuals. Marvel has told me that this isn't the case with this title but it is possible.

It is more expensive for me to involve CGC with the numbering but it is also the most transparent and verifiable way to offer an incredibly rare Marvel exclusive.  I think it also will add to the retail value long term.

How winners are drawn:

Winners are drawn live on Instagram using  You do not have to be present and you can watch the replay on my Instagram page at any time.  Winners will not be notified other than receiving the winning boxes.  Your order number is the entry number for  If you order multiple boxes in the same same order, that order number will be entered multiple times.  Due to the nature of this box, there may be duplicates if you order multiple boxes but it does increase your chance of winning.  The top 10 spots will receive the prizes as listed above in that order. The 129 extra slabs will be given to every other box, so if you buy two boxes you are going to get 1 extra slab.  Winners will be drawn when the books come back from CGC and are ready to ship (see timeline below).

Why this book is HOT:

  • 1st appearance of the Spider-Killer
  • Epic cover art by Mirka Andolfo


These boxes are expected to ship no later than 6/19/2023, maybe sooner and it is unlikely it would be later than that although it is possible. 


Bry's Comics Grail Box of Mystery! Over $25,000 in prizes & Chance at Rarest Marvel Variant Ever!
Bry's Comics Grail Box of Mystery! Over $25,000 in prizes & Chance at Rarest Marvel Variant Ever!