MYSTERY Free Comic! 1 in 10 chance of a premium book! add to any order

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*You must add FCBD titles to a purchase of in stock or pre-order items.  Orders of just FCBD titles will be canceled.

*Limit one issue of each FCBD title per transaction please (if you add more I just won't fill it).

*You can add all the FCBD issues, just one of each per transaction (more titles will be added as we get closer to mid august)

*Please note: FCBD issues wont be in stock until mid August.  If you add this to your order of in stock items, the entire order won't ship until mid august.

The mystery free comic may be a FCBD title or it may be a back issues.  1 in 10 chance of getting one of the premium comics, including virgin exclusives and The Nice House on the Lake #1 cover A!