The #1 Undervalued MCU Speculation Character AND 4 Keys Comics to Get NOW Before It's Too Late!


The comic book market is booming right now, especially for all the key comics associated with MCU characters. But what about the characters that have yet to make their debut? Those are the ones with the most significant potential ROI! Here’s everything you need to know about, Nova, the undervalued MCU speculation character:

Marvel Comic’s Nova

Nova is a character that I think is pretty much a slam dunk as far as speculation. He is a seasoned comic book hero that Marvel has used for decades. He has close ties to many characters already in the MCU, especially the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Marvel is super invested in the cosmic comic universe. Furthermore, Kevin Feige has said that Nova has "immediate potential" to join the MCU.

He also said that Doctor Strange had "immediate potential" to join the MCU, and then it was another eight years before they made the first Dr. Strange movie. So the term "immediate potential" is relative, but let's look at what we do know. We know that Marvel maintains its stance to use Nova in the MCU. We know that they even laid the foundation for his introduction in 2018 with Avengers: Infinity War. We also know that Nova has close ties to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and there's already another Guardian movie announced. So, I do believe that his arrival will be sooner rather than later.

Nova has several different characters in the comic continuity, but there are two in particular that have the most potential, and I believe both will be coming to the MCU.

There's the original Nova, Richard Rider, who made his official debut in Nova 1 from the '70s, and there's Sam Alexander, the Latino teenager version of Nova, who made his debut in 2012. When Feige was asked which version of Nova we would see in the MCU, he hinted that they would both be coming. This makes a lot of sense to me; I could see Richard Rider Nova coming to the big screen in a Guardian movie and Sam Alexander coming to Disney + in a next-gen type of superhero team. Now let's talk about an unfortunate choice of names for the original Nova, Richard Rider. We all know the common nickname for Richard, especially in the '70s, is Dick. Are we going to have a Dick Rider in the MCU? Can you imagine the memes and what the Internet will do with a Dick Rider in MCU? Am I way off base here?


The Keys Associated With Each Character

Nova #1 (Vol. 1)

We've got the big boy book, Nova #1. First appearance. I've had my eye on this book for years, I've always wanted it in the P.C., and I finally pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago when I saw prices start to jump.

I paid $1185 for this CBCS copy because I saw CGC copies start to go for over $1400, and then the same day, they started going for over $1700, and now you can't find one listed for less than $2k/ They’re selling consistently for $1800+. I don't know what happened with this book; it seemed to go crazy out of nowhere because there has been no new news about this book, just the same old rumors. I think what might be happening is that the blue-chip keys, the reliable investment books, are going so nuts that people are starting to look at this book. I think that 17-1800 is the new low for this book, and that price will be eclipsed when Nova is announced in the MCU. Whether it's Sam or Richard, this book is the top key to have because it's the character's first appearance.

Nova #2 (Vol.1)

Next, we have Nova 2's 2nd appearance of Nova, the 1st appearance of Powerhouse and The Condor, some classic B-tier villains. The Condor is one of my favorite B-tier villains, power of flight via wings, part of the bird people species, main abilities include swooping and diving, just your classic b-tier villain. At one point, he was turned into an actual Condor and then was turned back into a semi-human, just a fantastic b-tier villain. As people are out-priced on #1, they may turn to #2. It's a lot harder to find a graded CGC 9.8 of #2 because there are only 35 on the census compared to 447 #1's.

Nova #3 (Vol.1)

I don't think that is because this book is that much rarer, I think up until this point, the second appearance of Nova hasn't been in demand. I just bought a 9.6 for $88 when researching this video along with this Nova 3 for $100 because when I saw it, I thought, hell yes, I'll pay $100 for the 3rd appearance of Nova in a 9.8, and it's the first appearance of Diamondhead, another b-tier villain. At one point, Diamondhead, Powerhouse, and Condor made up the terrible trio, which was awesome but unfortunately short-lived, you know, because Condor turned into a bird and everything. Many b-tier villains show up in this first run of Nova, but I wouldn't go too crazy with them. They aren't worth much now, and it's unlikely a b-tier villain will make it into the MCU.

Marvel Point One (One-Shot 2012)

Next, we have Marvel Point One. This was a one-shot from 2012. 1st appearance of Nova, Sam Alexander.

  • 1st appearance of Kaine as the Scarlet Spider
  • Death of Terrax the Tamer
  • 1st team appearance of X-Terminated

There have been three one-shots from Marvel title Marvel Point One, all three are key issues, two are major keys, including this one, and the other being the first appearance of Kamala Khan as the new ms marvel. Marvel point one: all new and all different.

Nova #1 (Vol. 5)

Lastly, we have Nova 1 Vol. 5 from 2013. This is the first solo series of Sam Alexander, the first appearance of Sam's parents, and the first appearance of Sam's sister. Marvel is making a big push for next-gen superheroes. I guess you could say this is a next-gen spec because of Sam's sister, but I think that's a bit of a stretch. Just think of it as a bonus because you can still find this book for cover price or less!

If Sam makes his debut in the MCU, I can see this book following in the footsteps of books like Invincible Iron Man 1, the series focused on Riri Williams, a solid $15-25 book raw. So, this is your chance to get this book at a cover price or less that can quickly become a $25 book. There's also the 2nd print with a blue bar at the bottom, which is much rarer, and a bunch of incentive covers, the Martin 1:50, Quesada 1:75, and the Quesada sketch 1:150.

Nova #1 (Vol. 5) - 2nd Print, Marcos Martin 1:50 Retailer Incentive Variant, Joe Quesada 1:100 Retailer Incentive Variant, Joe Quesada 1:150 Retailer Incentive B&W Variant

Those are my only recommendations for keys around Nova at this point. It's refreshing that there aren't 100 must-have keys for a character, and most of these are still well within reach. It's just the four keys: Nova 1, Nova 2, Marvel Point 1, and Nova 1 Vol. 5.You may want to pick up all the key comics focusing on Nova before prices go through the roof!



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