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I pride myself in offering the comic community the best prices in the industry for collections. I can have you paid in as little as a few days!

  • I can offer between 60-70% of FMV, and cover the cost of shipping, in most cases for graded comic collections.  The easier it will be to move the more I can offer.  For FMV I use to analyze recent sales and assign a value to each slab that I think a reasonable collector would pay in current market conditions.  Sometimes it's the 90 day average, sometimes it's the last sale, and sometimes neither of those things apply.
  • Raw book collections are a case by case basis but usually consists of valuing the high dollar books and then coming up with a per box price for the bulk.
  • I'm willing to travel anywhere in the country for extremely high valued collections, or large raw book collections, but usually shipping is the best option (fully insured).
  • People consistently drive from all over the country to sell me their collections.  Even with the extra travel costs, they leave with more money in their pockets.

In the message below, please include these details:

  1. Where are you located?
  2. How many raw/slabbed books are included?
  3. What are the top 5 most valuable books in the collection.

**If the collection is all graded books, simply send me a list of the slabs and I'll crunch the numbers.**


Check out these YouTube videos detailing some successful collection purchases I've done in the past (dozens more on my youtube channel):